Kid Cudi Album Review (:

Kid Cudi


Name: Kid Cudi
Genre: Hip Hop
CD: Man on the Moon 2: The Legend of Mr. Rager
Label: G.O.O.D/ Universal Motown
Price: $11.88
Release Date: November 9, 2010


Kid Cudi’s CD Man on the Moon 2: The Legend of Mr. Rager is a very slow paced CD. Some of the songs are fast  but most are ultimately slow. So if you are looking for a chilled out CD to listen to this would be the CD for you. The rap in the CD very well mixes with the singing, he switches up from rap to singing. Many people might not like the fact that he both sings and raps on many of the tracks, but some might like the new idea of this. For all the Kid Cudi fans this album is very much like the ones in the past. There are songs that are just like some off his recent albums. Some songs are Mr. Rager and Erase Me.

My first impression when I heard some songs off this CD it made me think of his last CD’s that he put out. Songs like Scott Mescudi v.s. The World reminds me of the song The Pursuit of Happiness off of the album Man on the Moon: The End of Day. Many of the songs are almost exactly like the ones on his previous albums which could be a good or bad thing. It really depends if you want him to stay where he is and not mix up his sound or go out of the box a little. If you really enjoyed his recent work you will probably 9 times out of 10 like this album. After listening to this whole album i came to the conclusion that his songs sound a lot alike. Not that any of that is a bad thing because all the songs have different meanings and lyrics.Over all the album is much like the last ones but has fresh new lyrics to some new slowed down songs.
I would have to say i really like seven select songs on this whole album. It’s not that the other ones are bad they just didn’t sit well with me. One of my favorite songs would have to be Mr. Rager. The song is probably a little different from the others on the album which i kind of enjoy. The lyrics really talk about being different and out there and I really thought that was neat. A track called Ghost came to my attention while i was listening to the album. I didn’t seem to like it as much as i did some other songs on the track just because it was harsh on my ears. It was not at all soothing like the other songs on the album it was slow but the instruments did not mesh together and it did not sound like it should’ve.

Final Thoughts

I would give this album a 4 out of 5 because I didn’t completely love all the songs on this album. Some songs are just too repetitive for my taste. People who find repetitive songs catchy might really like this CD. Other people who will also like this are people who really like to listen to slow hip hop songs with a good beat. Over all I thought this album was pretty good. There were a few songs here and there that did not see to my liking. I think there would be a lot of people that enjoy this music and I recommend for people to try out to see if they like it. If they didn’t like his recent albums before this one then they should probably not check this one out because it is a lot like the others.